From Scrap Metal to Show Car – My 1962 Beetle Raton


Now you may be thinking…this car doesn’t look like much, but it is truly special.  Several years ago, it was just collecting rust somewhere in Texas until my father and I found it.

My father and I first acquired the car in Texas in a combo deal of other cars.  It was in considerably good condition, but its paint was lackluster. We didn’t give it much attention, and even put it on the market for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, it was clear the car wasn’t going to sell as is because of its condition.

The car was put on hold for a while and wasn’t given much thought.  Around the same time, my father and I got together and decided to bring back our car shop.   While putting the shop back together my father came up with the idea to showcase a car celebrating its return.  He suggested that we could bring the Raton back to its former beauty as our first project.

We ambitiously worked together to restore the car to its prime condition.  Through building the car back together from the ground up we knew the shop was back.

After many long days of hard work, we brought the Raton back to life.  The final product ended up turning out so well it raised a lot of buyer’s interests.  Although this is true, my father and I realized that this car was a hallmark of having our shop once again.

Following this, we decided to keep the 1962 Raton for ourselves.  This car had seen better days but because of my father and I’s valiant work the car is once again beautiful.