Car Restoration is a Labor of Love


Growing up in Monterrey, Mexico, Daniel grew up helping his dad fix cars in his garage. Car restoration was a labor of love for his father. Daniel has so many happy memories in his dad’s garage. Fast forward to today and countless car restorations later, Daniel still remembers those early days fondly – especially for his favorite car type: the VW Bettle.
“I love Beetles or combis. They remind me of where I grew up. They remind of where I come from. It’s more than a hobby. For me, it’s so much fun! I love working on cars with my dad. It’s a special bond I have with him.” – DS

1963 VW Combi Then & Now
Daniel’s parents found this 1963 VW Bus in Texas nearly 30 years ago. His father restored it in Mexico when Daniel was just a baby and sold it when he was a toddler.

A few years ago, Daniel found the same exact combi and was able to get the Bus back home to his family. What a special moment that was for the Suárez family.

1963 Bus