“Rosita” My 1957 Deluxe Bus


This 1957 Volkswagen Deluxe Bus may appear ordinary, but it is truly far from that. Having worked on the restoration of my father’s 1963 VW Bus, I always dreamt of having a VW bus of my own because they are so unique.

There are a variety of VW Buses that were made throughout the years, however, this one stands out for a few different reasons.  This 23-window bus is authentic to the U.S. and features many original elements such as its paint, interior, transmission, and even the engine.  This model is not one I have restored but I have maintained it to keep it as genuine as possible.

It is extremely cool to finally have the opportunity to own a special VW like this one.  Although it takes a lot of attention and detail, I truly enjoy having this one be a part of my collection. This bus is a fun one to drive and I truly enjoy working on it!