Exclusive Q&A From Suarez Nation


Hola Amigos!  Thank you #SuarezNation for your support and asking more questions.  I am here to give you the answers to some of the questions that stood out to me.  If there is anything else you’d like to know ask below!

Q. | What keeps you so humble, approachable, and such a nice person?
A. | “Its just the way I am, I have always been very firm to be the same person by remembering where I came from and who I am.  Whenever I work on the Beetles and old cars it reminds me where I came from and I truly enjoy that.”

Q. | How did you and Julia meet?
A. | “Julia and I first met back in 2012, I am friends with her brother Nelson.  We met in Charlotte and we disconnected for some time-but we ended up reconnecting again.”

Q. | How does it feel to be the first Mexican to win a NASCAR Championship?
A. | “It feels very good—it was one of my goals and dreams.  I was extremely happy and fortunate to become the first one to win a championship in a NASCAR series.  It doesn’t stop there—I am trying to do the same thing in the Cup series.”

Q. | Favorite NASCAR driver of all time?
A. | “Jeff Gordon, I liked the way he raced.”

Q. | What would you be doing if you weren’t racing?
A. | “Probably working with my Dad on restoring cars.  Many years ago I was with my Dad talking about that and he said “Man you’re in trouble because you love to work on cars when those cars are yours.  I bet you wouldn’t enjoy it as much to work on cars when they’re not yours and doing it because you have to not because you want to.”  Honestly, anything working with cars and probably something with racing too.”

Q. | Would you ever drive in IndyCar or Formula 1?
A. | “I don’t think so probably something with a test.  Once my racing schedule slows down when I am around 40, I would like to do some kind of prototype racing because the schedule is more simple.  It’s like having your own vacation the entire year.”

Q. | Favorite moment of your NASCAR career?
A. | “I have so many different moments but probably my first win in 2013 in Columbus, Ohio.  That was a very special moment to me.”

Q. | What’s your favorite mountain you’ve hiked?
A. | “Hiking near the Eagle Nest Mountain in North Carolina.”

Q. | How did you first fall in love with VW Beetles?
A. | “I was born into it—growing up with a lot of Beetle stuff.  I was already a baby and all these cars were around because of my Dad.  As I grew up I really wanted one.  I started fixing one with my Dad’s money early in my life and he ended up selling it.  However, after fixing a few I finally got to keep one and I still have it to this day.”

Q. | Favorite place and thing to do in Monterrey?
A. | “I really enjoy the time spent with my family.  One of my favorite places to be would be at the track testing go-karts.  I also enjoy the scenery and sights such as visiting the local waterfalls.  I also would probably say my favorite thing to do there is to eat.”

Q. | Do you have a favorite American football team?
A. | “The Carolina Panthers, I have to be loyal to my team from Charlotte.”

Q. | Another language you would like to learn?
A. | “Portuguese, I understand ten to twenty percent of it, but it would be really nice to learn to speak the language.”

Q. | What is your favorite thing to do during the off weekends?
A. | “Some of my favorite things to do are; to work on old cars, see family, spend time with Julia, and travel to new places.”

Q. | What’s your favorite traditional Mexican food?
A. | “Tamales, specifically my Mom’s tamales.”

Q. | Favorite type of sushi?
A. | “Salmon, Tuna, and a lot of the good stuff.”